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2nd HOUSE  

California has approved SB 9, a new law that allows a second house on a lot that currently has a single family residence.

You can now turn your house into a duplex or add a second house. Los Angeles needs more houses.

We think it’s a good idea to start by thinking of SB 9 as an opportunity for FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY for folks who need an ADU.

If you are considering building an ADU,  SB 9 will now let you:

    - build a bigger second house
    - subdivide your lot into two lots, for two full houses

A second family will be able to live on your property, BUT there are rules.  It will take some time for Cities to figure out how to implement the law.

We do know that some things won’t be allowed:
- Not applicable in Historic Districts.
- No short term rentals. (Sorry, AirBNB)
- No demolition or alteration of affordable or rent-controlled housing or market-rate housing that has been occupied by a tenant in the past three years.

There will be other local rules in each jurisdiction.

But this will  provide new opportunities.

We are working on new options to get you the best houses for your family and another family.

If you have space on your lot and want to find the best use for it, contact us for a consultation.

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