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Paz Navas Architecture is a full service architecture firm based in Los Angeles.  Our primary focus is houses for humans.  We are driven by an interest in the relationship between the house and the people who inhabit it or come over for a beverage. We believe that it is important to think about what we need from the house as a day progresses.  It is more important to have a place to share a word or a snack than a large room that the real estate agent likes but actually feels like a hotel lobby.

Great houses are the result of an equilibrium. All the thought, sketches and discussions lead to an effortless experience.  You don’t think about it, but there is a flow as you move through the house.

Roberto Paz, AIA is the founder of Paz Navas Architecture.  Roberto holds a Master of Architecture from SCI_Arc, as well as a medical degree from Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala. He has been working on High-End Residential Architecture since 2006.


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