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Building a house is a complex process.

There are steps that we can’t avoid, like Building Dept. requirements


We have developed a system to increase the EFFICIENCY and SPEED of the design process. 

This system lets us have a basic starting point for your home, and it gives us an opportunity to learn more about what you need. 

We look at what your land offers and listen to what your days are like.

We have studied and pre-designed rooms with proportions that work well.
We have thought about elements and spaces that can be “standard”.


We are ready to create special areas that YOU WANT.


We believe that this is the best way to save time and provide you with a house that you will be proud to live in.   


A house with spaces where your friends will take their picture.


A house with spaces where you will know that you are home.


If you’d like to know more, please CONTACT US.  We’ll be happy to help.

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